Gratitude fatigue? Try these steps

If you find yourself suffering from gratitude journaling fatigue chances are you are not doing it right! It’s important that you monitor your growth in gratitude and try to figure out where your strengths live and weaknesses lie. This will enable you to course correct and reap benefits of embracing gratitude practice in your life. Here are our top five course correction tips.

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Infinite palette of gratitude

You can custom make your gratefulness palette. Irrespective of how you chose to express gratitude (journaling, affirmations, gratitude walk), in order for you to reap its benefits it must encompass some essential ingredients. In this blog post we share some approaches from leading thinkers in the field of gratitude.

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13 ways to express gratitude

As you plant seeds of gratitude in your life you actively begin to break down problems into opportunities. In this blog post we share 13 ways that you can express gratitude. Continue to experiment with different practices that have been outlined in this blog post and stick with the one that brings you greatest equanimity.

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Why a gratitude practice is not working for you

I heard a talk by Barbara Corcoran where she was parting with business lessons to young entrepreneurs. She spoke about some key principles that enabled her to grow a multi-million dollar real estate business. She attributed providing recognition (not monetary) to her employees as a transforming factor in her business.

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Quote of the day….

When writing the story of your life, don't let anyone else hold the pen.

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