Crafted for your style of wellness and productivity, My Wellness Journal combines a customisable planner, notebook, reflection journal, emotion tracker and more. This video explains why we created it.


Customize My Wellness Journal to intentionally build positive choices into your day. This video shows how.

learn FROM each day

Gauge where you have been. Evaluate experiences. Document what’s working and what’s not. Create personal philosophies you can count on.

Identify & act

Define the pattern of behaviour you desire. Use the Pomodoro technique or Ultradian rhythms to boost your productivity and focus.

Cultivate a grateful state

Affirm that you are enough.

Develop Self Awareness

Like reading YOU ARE HERE on a map, become aware of your emotional state – vital information to find your way.

Begin collecting habit data points

Identify your patterns. Isolate triggers. Set rewards.

Redesign your habits to manifest greater focus and energy into your day.

track habits

my wellness journal

The journal that covers all aspects of a fully charged life.

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