How to Make Peace in Your Life with Triggers

The inspiration for this journaling prompt comes from Roger Teel’s book, This Life Is Joy. Teel encourages readers of his book to open themselves to the mysteries of life. Teel recommends the practices listed below to achieve these outcomes. These can be used with My Wellness Journal to experience peace, calm and a general state of well-being.

Affirm, “This instant is love.”

Throughout your day affirm, “This instant is love.” Be sensitive to the inner shift that occurs. Look through the eyes of this perspective and follow its energy with your choices.

Perspective can get lost when we are in the thick of it all. We might have the best intentions, but when exasperations and inconveniences stem in our lives, perspective can get lost. In order to stay on track, we need to set reminders that help us regain perspective and trace our steps back to a space of awareness and freedom. These reminders are called triggers, and they help us to feel energised and motivated to keep going.

If the intention you have is to be peaceful and kind, but a colleague is driving you up the wall, it is easy to forget who we would like to be. These triggers are reminders for the way you want to be.

Set an alarm on your phone to go off multiple times every day that says “this instant is love.” It will serve as a trigger and help you stay in a good head space.

Read this poem (Peacemaking), written by Roger Steel, for inspiration. Each day after reading this poem, reflect upon:

The state of your wounds
Your desire to be lifted up
Your thoughts about yourself
Your cries for love
You can print a picture of this poem and keep it in My Wellness Journal. Clear a 20 minute stretch in your calendar to reflect and record observations. Seeing this poem can become a trigger for you to begin acknowledging your desires and thoughts.

Find a way to serve and care for others.

 Engage in heartfelt giving to another or get involved in a cause that makes a difference and is close to your heart.

Use the ‘Intentions’ page in My Wellness Journal to convert good intentions into concrete action. You can plan, brainstorm, book appointments and identify the actions you will need to take in order to serve and care for others. This page will become a trigger for you to convert intentions into actions.

In My Wellness Journal, a space is designated to design a personal vision board. Looking at this vision board can become a trigger to activate your habits and provide perspective on your long-term goals, and it can prevent you from getting stuck in triviality.

Lunging for a mason jar each morning is a trigger that has helped me up my water intake by 900ml. Having a journal on my bed stand is a trigger to journal. In order to feel energised and focused you can set triggers.

Read more about triggers in our articles, Tomato-sized Goals and Work for 45 Minutes, Rest for 15. Please share with us triggers that have worked for you.


For more information, watch this short video from Brendon Burchard where he talks about the importance of triggers to sustain habits. Whether you are considering eating healthy, exercising or becoming calmer, triggers can help you achieve these goals.


Words To Grow By

Brendon Burchard

“If you set up more triggers reminding yourself to stick to your habits and intentions, everything in your life will change. You will feel more energized, engaged and on track and you will experience what we call The Charged Life”