How to set intentions for your day

The Webster dictionary defines the word intention as: “determination to act in a certain way”. I believe setting clear intentions for our day sets us up for purposeful living. This enables us to make clear decisions that are aligned with the life we truly desire.

It can become very automatic for us to prioritise information that resonates with what’s at the forefront of our minds. It governs our attention even though whatever is on our mind may not necessarily be what’s really important to us.

Energy flows where attention goes. The process of intention setting helps to get clear on your real priorities.

Use My Wellness Journal every morning to set an intention for your day. It only takes a few minutes, but it will provide lasting benefits to your sense of clarity and wellbeing. If you know you won’t be able to do it in the morning, set your intention the night before and read it when you wake. I recommend taking three deep breaths as you do, just to ground yourself into the present moment.

Caroline Webb in her book How To Have A Good Day recommends asking yourself intention setting questions. Here in the Necessities team, we’ve found this approach to be super effective in helping us set clear intentions.

Here is her four step process. Pull out your wellness journal and give it a try.

“Take a moment to think about the day ahead or an important conversation you have coming up. Then begin asking yourself the following intention setting questions –

  • Aim: what matters most in making this a success and what does that mean your real priority should be?
  • Attitude: what concerns are dominating your thoughts or your mood? Do they help you with your priorities and achieving your real aim? And if not, can you choose to set them aside for now?
  • Assumptions: what negative expectations do you have going into this? How might you challenge those expectations? What counter-evidence might you seek out?
  • Attention: given your real aim and your assumptions, where do you most want to direct your attention? What do you want to make particularly sure you notice?”

Revisit your intentions when you feel the need for a reset (like those times when nothing seems to be working, you’re feeling frustrated, you’ve lost track of your priorities, your emotions get in the way or you simply want to be present and open yourself to new opportunities). Write down your intentions every day and keep them handy for quick reference. We recommend that you always keep your wellness journal close!


Here are some steps that can help propel you to achieving your mission. Pull out My Wellness Journal and give this a try. Breakthroughs are guaranteed!


Reset AIM

Set daily work and self care goals. Make time to identify real priorities for the day.



Use the wheel of emotions to generate more self awareness. Your thoughts and emotions become your attitude. Gratitude section in My Wellness Journal also help you master the gratitude attitude.



Challenge negative assumptions in the Reflection section of My Wellness Journal.



Clearly identify action steps and use Pomodoro and Ultradian Rhythm to boost productivity.

Words To Grow By

Mary Anne Radmacher 

“Live with intention.Walk to the edge. Listen Hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Continue to learn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is.”