2017 Planner-Calendar from My Wellness Journal


This four-page Planner-Calendar is the long-range planning hub of My Wellness Journal. Here, you track and review tasks, events and priorities for the upcoming days and months. The calendar is laid out in a central column on the page, with free columns on either side. The free space lets you write entries and link them to days, weeks or arbitrary time periods. Barely-there gridlines on the page provide structure if you need it.

This calendar covers the period from March 2017 to March 2018. It can be used as a bullet journaling monthly log that provide a bird's eye view of important events and tasks. Combined with the daily journal pages from My Wellness Journal, you have all the components of a fully-featured journalling system at your disposal.




The 2017 monthly planner from My Wellness Journal. Suitable for bullet journaling.

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